Podcast: Jojo Runs for Congress
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Episode 6: 2020 Themes and Memes

In this episode, Joanne and Jamie discuss their 2020 New Year's resolutions and what personal theme they want to define their year!

Episode 5: New Year's Eve Baby!

In this episode, we look back on the past decade, where we started and where we are right now.
Joanne also has a little surprise at the end of the video (she shows off a hidden talent!)

Episode 4: Represent This!

On this episode, we discuss what the role of a representative is defined as,
and what Joanne views the role of a representative SHOULD BE.

Episode 3: Political Holiday Debates are Scary

This episode is perfect as we fly through the holiday season!
oin us as Joanne gives some tips on how you can handle contentious debates with people on the other side of the aisle,
including how to remove yourself from a discussion that gets too heated!

Episode 2: The FEC is your Friend. 

Joanne and Jamie discuss the confusing, irritating, and sometimes circular process of officially the
registering the campaign with the FEC, and what the campaign needs to do to
get on the primary ballot in April (hint: it won't be easy!)

Episode 1: Meet the Candidate!

Joanne introduces herself to the voters, Joanne tells us her the main philosophy behind her campaign,
Joanne and Jamie explain what they want to achieve with this podcast series.