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Calling all nurses, health care workers, providers, and patients (i.e. you)! Tell me - what do you want to change about health in the U.S? Both health care delivery and outcomes. What bothers you the most?

I have a crazy idea...what if health care workers and patients put our heads together and wrote our own legislation for health care reform? Regardless of the outcome of my campaign, I will take these ideas and put them together for our representative. I'd much rather it be me, a nurse who's lived and breathed health care, but I've got years of nursing guts under my belt to push this through one way or another 😁.

For me, it's the idea that health insurance is tied to employment. As someone who plans on having kids in the future, it would be way less stressful to know that I could choose between working w/ benefits or staying home, and not having to play the game of "Whoever has better benefits has to work."

Oh, and also, I could totally pursue my pipe-dream of being a musician.