Policy Friday: Update FMLA

Hi everyone! It's Policy Friday! (Sorry, no days of the week start with a "P" :( ). This morning I'm studying the current federal and state laws for paid family leave. And it has me absolutely LIT. Current standards must change. I will advocate for 6 months of paid protected leave AND an additional 6 months of unpaid protected leave for a total of 12 months of protected leave after the birth of a child. Continue reading

A Dedicated, People-Driven, Unstoppable Guarantee

What do you, Jojo, have to offer voters? You have no money or wealthy connections!  I ain't got no dolla-dolla-bills raining from the sky, but instead I have a fearless dedication to represent real people. In the words of Shirley Chisholm, I am "unbought and unbossed." There are no wealthy donors in my pockets, no large checks with an understanding that I will represent their best interests when voting in Congress. My donors are people who believe in me and our mission to help the poorest and most vulnerable people in our communities.  Above all, I am absolutely unstoppable. When I set my mind to a goal - I find a way.  Continue reading

Why Now?

I spent a lot of time growing up waiting for the right moment. I graduated college with the dream of impacting the lives of others by working on health care reform. I had grand plans to complete a master's degree, PhD, and work for Medicare, Medicaid, Department of Health and Human Services, or maybe even NIH as a groundbreaking, forward-thinking, out-of-the-box, just a little bit crazy, researcher!    Continue reading