A Dedicated, People-Driven, Unstoppable Guarantee

What do you, Jojo, have to offer voters? You have no money or wealthy connections! 

I ain't got no dolla-dolla-bills raining from the sky, but instead I have a fearless dedication to represent real people. In the words of Shirley Chisholm, I am "unbought and unbossed." There are no wealthy donors in my pockets, no large checks with an understanding that I will represent their best interests when voting in Congress. My donors are people who believe in me and our mission to help the poorest and most vulnerable people in our communities. 

Above all, I am absolutely unstoppable. When I set my mind to a goal - I find a way. 

So what do I offer voters? I offer my heart, my dedication, my compassion, my empathy, and my hard-work. I offer you a (non-moneybacked) guarantee of a woman who will fearlessly stand-up for what she believes in. I offer you someone who is not afraid to talk to anyone - and everyone - to build bridges and find solutions that work. I offer you my ears - a willingness to listen to the community. We are here to get things done. 

To go along with my whimsical sense of writing and humor, I found this picture of me from...2006? Whenever I set my mind to something - I go all in on research and pour over details. At one point I was OBSESSED with sewing costumes from the Victorian Era. I made full replicas, complete with corsets and underskirts, from my favorite fashion plates from the late 1800s D:. 

If that doesn't show pure dedication, I don't know what else does!